Monday, September 25, 2017

Disney Marathon Training - Week Three

Oh boy. This week was super rough. Between my mini heat wave we are having, finishing up my trainings at work and a bit of a sore knee - I was really tested. Marathon training is never boring and will always keep you on your toes.

Monday I did a strength and hip circuit workout. I was in a three day training at work for the beginning of the week and my start/end times were different. Plus I was sitting a lot more and my hips really loved this circuit today.

Track Tuesday went pretty well. Here is how the workout went.
1 mile warm up
800m x 4 (goal 3:47 - 3:43 3:47 3:43 3:47)
1 mile cool down
5 miles total

Even though the track I was running on wasn't a fancy springy track, I didn't expect to see three strollers and a dog. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by much anymore.

Wednesday was my last day of training at work!! I was so excited to be done. Along with it I was super exhausted. I also hit a horrific patch of traffic and couldn't drive my normal route to go run. I was over it and skipped my run. I did do some strength and hip circuit so not all was lost. I also went to bed around 8pm. Exhausted.

Thursday was hot. Really hot. My car said it was in the 90s. Since I skipped my run the day before I had to get in this tempo work.
1 mile warm up
2 miles x 2 (goal 8:37 - 8:32 8:43 8:40 8:29)
1:00 recovery
1 mile cool down
6 miles total

I was covered in little bugs when I finished. It was so hot. I'm very happy that I finished this workout but I want to try it again when it's a little cooler. I want to hit those splits.

Friday hubs and I both got home at a decent hour so we decided to have date night. We went out to Grist House to enjoy the nice night. We also met some friends at Octoberfest at Penn Brewery for a little bit. It was nice.

I also rested because after my tempo run I was having some weird clicking in my knee. I was very sure it was from my shoes dying. I didn't want to risk it so I made the decision to not "make up" my skipped miles from Wednesday and rest on Friday and Saturday.

So, Saturday morning I went to the Great Race Expo with Kelsey and picked up my bib for Sunday. We also went to brunch. I came home and rested my poor clicking knee.

Sunday was the Great Race 5k. I'll recap this race later in the week but it went very well and I ended up with 7.2 miles total. My knee felt great and I didn't melt. Those shoes have officially been retired.

Weekly Total: 18.2 miles
September Total: 83.2 Miles
2017 Total: 808 Miles

I would give this a solid B week. The workouts I did went well, but I hate that I missed one. I know it was needed. I keep telling myself that. It's a long road to a marathon and there will always be bumps in the road. Nothing will ever be completely smooth!

I'm also exciting for hitting the 800 mile mark for the year and my highest monthly mileage in a few months with another week to go!

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  1. Oh man, coming back to the heatwave here was rough! We live right around the corner from Penn Brewery and are always happy when our vacation coincides with Oktoberfest. Otherwise we are stuck in our houses the whole weekend because people would take our parking spots if we leave!

  2. That little kitty is so cute :) I can't believe how warm your weather is! You're doing awesome, I think there will always be a missed workout in there, maybe even a few. Nothing to worry about.

  3. Congrats on hitting 800 for the year! This heat has been killer. I feel so bad for my kids who have their cross country practices at 3pm. No way I would be out there in that heat!! Looking forward to this weekend when it's supposed to be 20 degrees cooler.

  4. I can't wait until it cools off again at the end of this week! It will make the rest of training so much easier! Great week of workouts and great job at the great race! Can't wait to read your recap.