Monday, September 18, 2017

Disney Marathon Training - Week Two

Week two of marathon training and I'm still settling in to my new routine. I usually give myself about a month to get settled, but this time around I am racing the sun after work. It has become an additional thing to deal with. Plus, I had training for work all week so I wasn't in my normal routine. It was all messed up.

Monday I did my strength workout and hip circuit. I am starting to notice my kettle bell weight becoming a little easier. Maybe it's time to up the weight soon!!!

Tuesday on the track was interesting. I almost got hit my a lacrosse ball for one, and this workout was not easy!

1 mile warm up
600m x 6 (goal: 2:50 - 2:47 2:43 2:47 2:47 2:44 2:43)
1/2 mile cool down
with recoveries 5 miles total.

So I hit my paces, which is always good - my stomach on the other hand did not like me. Reasons why I only had a half mile cool down. It's fine, no big deal!

Wednesday I had three recovery miles, a strength training and a hip circuit. The humidity came back and the bugs on my run were awful! Kept things nice and easy.

Thursday I did a 35 minute yoga session and boy did I need it. I really enjoy my weekly yoga and just focusing on breathing. Dangle loves to help too, which is fun!

Friday after work I ran four more miles with some strides. I am not a huge fan of strides but I know I have to do them. I do them during my normal miles just to break everything up.

Saturday was my final strength and hip circuit of the week. 

Sunday hubs and I headed out for long runs. The humidity was AWFUL and such a difference from the week before. I was struggling after my first five miles. I just focused on my breathing and moving forward. I finished my 10 miles and was sweating buckets! It did not feel good at all. I was fast on my pace and I tried really hard to be in my goal long run pace. Oh well, there are 16 more weeks of training to get it right!

Weekly Total: 22 miles
September Total: 65 miles
2017 Total: 790 miles

Overall, pretty good week! Next week is the Great Race and I'll be running the 5k. It's suppose to still be muggy so I'm hoping my body can adjust this week to make it a good showing. Let me know if you will be at the Great Race! After the 5k I will be out cheering!!

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  1. Great week of workouts! Is there a particular time you are shooting for at the 5k? Maybe we'll see you at the start line!

    1. Ummmm don't die on the hill lol. Hope to see you too!!

  2. hahaha my pace exactly! Kidding aside, I'm going to try to run with the 7:30 pacer so if you're in that range, I'll most likely see you!