Monday, October 9, 2017

Disney Marathon Training - Week Five

This week was fun. I have finished my first month of training and it was time to see how I have progressed. The next few weeks are going to be a little crazy for me, but I know I have to make time for everything I enjoy.

Monday was an awesome strength workout. I don't know what it was exactly, but I was a hot mess when I was done. I love workouts like that!

Tuesday was back out on the track. Since it is getting dark quick, I knew I would be racing the daylight. Here is how it broke down.

1 mile warmup
1200m x 3 (Goal 5:50 - 5:52 5:47 5:49)
400m recoveries
1 mile cool down
5 miles today

Such a great workout! It felt so much better than my last track workout. Plus, it went by so quickly. Is that even possible? I guess I am getting stronger!

Wednesday I ran four recovery miles in the morning. I got to enjoy a beautiful sunrise and just take my time. It was so nice!

Thursday I had a wicked headache from a storm that rolled through so I decided to get in a full on foam rolling session. Woof. It was something for sure.

Friday I got stuck in some terrible traffic after work and didn't bring any lights with me. So, I made the decision to skip my warm up and cool down miles of my tempo run and just do the tempo. I have decided my goal race pace is 9:00 (easy number to remember) so I attempted five miles at that pace.

What I got - 8:31 8:36 8:51 8:54 8:46 - 8:44 average.

It was a little fast, but felt SO GOOD! It was super humid and I was really proud of that.

Saturday I did a strength workout with some hip work as well. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and noticed a HUGE difference. I try to not focus on weight or huge changes during marathon training, but I couldn't help it. I decided to weigh myself and I am finally almost back to the weight I was before my eye problem started. I am stronger now than I was before and so proud of the work I have put in!

Left: June     Right: This week

I also went to IUP for the Cal vs IUP football game. It was SO HOT and Cal did not show up to play. It's alright because I had a blast with my friends. This might be my last football game until playoffs so I really wanted to have fun!

Sunday long run was a big one for me. It was my longest run since the middle of July. 13 miles. I started before the sun came up. Got rained on. Really focused on a comfortable pace. I finished with a 10:00/mile average which is almost perfect long run pace! It has been so long trying to find that pace for long runs. I was so thrilled! When I was finished a girl came up behind me and said "You can't be done. I have been pacing off of you!" Seriously, amazing feeling!

Weekly Total: 27 miles
October Total: 27 miles
2017 Total: 856 miles

Great week of training! I have a wedding on Saturday and a race on Sunday so this will be interesting.

I also wanted to take a second and thank everyone who has already donated to my Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation fundraiser! I have already met my goal but I want to keep it going! There is still plenty of time to donate. You can do so here! I have some fun things planned to raise some money so stay tuned!!

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How was your first week of October? Do you have a race coming up?

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  1. Awesome job on your long run! Love the feeling of having a good long run under my belt (not that it happened this week, lol).