Monday, October 30, 2017

Disney Marathon Training - Weeks Seven and Eight

So let's combine two weeks of training recaps. You will see why in a little bit. I can't believe eight weeks of training have already gone by. This training cycle has been different and interesting. I have put all of my faith in Kristen to put together something that would challenge me in a new way, and she has given me that for sure!

So in week seven I had four really great runs, here is how they broke down.

Monday: 10 miles after work. Kelsey joined me to run in the dark for the last five of my miles. Thank goodness she was there because I ran my first five wayyyy too fast.

Wednesday: 6am track workout, which will be my normal for a little bit with my work schedule. Here is how it broke down.

1 mile warm up
200m-200m-400m x 4 1:00 recovery - Goal :57 and 1:52
(:52 :51 1:43 - :50 :51 1:42 - :51 :51 1:47 - :51 :51: 1:44)
1 mile cool down

It was 38 degrees and my lungs were burning! It felt really good though. It was hard to find the 200m pace, but I'll take the consistency.

Thursday: I had a tempo workout to get in before vacation. Here is how it broke down.

1 mile warm up
1 mile x 4 1:00 recovery - Goal 8:37
(8:34 8:29 8:26 8:13)
1 mile cool down

I knew I was fast so I decided to just go for the negative splits. Considering I had a track workout the day before, I was thrilled with this. I felt pretty good and it was a great confidence booster.

Saturday we left for Disney early. It was a super long day of travel.

Sunday: I found the resort gym and ran three miles. It was warm, no air movement and I couldn't change the tv channel. I found a "path" along the lake on my way back to the room and decided that is where I would run after this. Remember this moment.

Then Disney happened. If you walk less than 10 miles a day at Disney, you did it wrong. Boy did it catch up to me. I slept until 8am everyday, which I really needed, and had a lot of fun!

Oh, so let's go back to this "path". One morning I decided to head out to run. Well, the path never went all the way around the lake. It literally went .05 then stopped. There is no way I'm running back and forth on this. So, I took a rest week.

Sunday: I had hoped to at least get my long run in for the week. Again, I slept in but it was still 38 degrees when I woke up so no big deal. I got out there and within the first two miles my entire left leg tightened up on me and my right foot went numb. I called it quits at five miles. Should I have kept going, probably - but I always have one terrible long run a training cycle. Why not let this be it!

October Total: 78.3 miles
2017 Total: 907.3 miles

Silver lining: I have surpassed my 2016 mileage! I am under 100 miles away from my 2017 goal. I have no more distractions for the final nine weeks of training. Time to hunker down. This is it. These next nine weeks will show me what I'm made of and how much I want that marathon PR!

Also, I am still fundraising for Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon! I have some fun ideas to get some donations in the next few weeks, but you can always donate here!

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  1. Great job with your training! You're going to blow past your 2017 mileage goal. Can't wait to see what the second half of your training will bring!