Monday, November 27, 2017

Disney Marathon Training - Week 12

As I'm getting closer and closer to this race, I'm finding myself in shock that it coming up. Like really, when did it become Thanksgiving? The past few weeks have flown by.

This week tested me. With the holiday, I knew I had a lot of things I had to focus on. I could only do so much, and I was very willing to accept that.

On Monday I did some stretching and strength work to rest up from my 16 miler. My hips were very not happy after that run and I knew I would have to take an extra rest day this week. It just didn't feel right.

Tuesday I headed back out to the track. Here is how it went down.
1 mile warm up
200-200-400 x 5 Goal :57 1:53
(:48 :48 1:36 - :47 :50 1:38 - :46 :45 1:36 - :45 :45 1:36 - :46 :47 1:39)
1 mile cool down
4.75 miles total

Such a great workout! I really love this track workout. It has been my favorite one so far. I crushed those 400s. I didn't even think I was going that quick.

Wednesday I decided to take the extra rest day. I just kept stretching my hip out. And enjoyed some wine with some friends. It was great.

Thursday I realized I was three miles away from 1,000 miles for 2017. Which was my mileage goal for 2017. I had to just get it done. It was a beautiful day and I just took my time. I cannot believe I already hit the goal.

Friday and Saturday I had my rest days since my family came to town. We did a ton of walking and had a really nice visit. It was great to have them here.

Sunday Kelsey and I met for my 12 mile long run. We did the first six miles together just chatting and enjoying the outside. I ran the final six alone. So many puppies which made me smile. I felt really good. It went by so fast. Over 68% of my long run was in zone four, which is incredible. I'm learning guys!

Weekly Total: 19.75 miles
November Total: 100 miles
2017 Total: 1012.4 miles

I didn't even know I hit 100 miles for November! That's fun! I'm starting to really notice changes on these "easier" weeks. I cut myself a little more slack if needed. That way on the tougher weeks (like next week) I make it a point to nail every single workout.

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How was your week? Did you run a turkey trot?

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  1. Great job with your training! You are totally killing this. Eeks! The marathon is getting so close. I'm so excited for you and for this race. Glad to see you also took it easy this week and enjoyed the holiday!