Monday, November 6, 2017

Disney Marathon Training - Week Nine

WOAH! WE'RE HALFWAY THERE!! I can't believe it. Nine weeks down! This week was focusing on pacing. Lots of pace work this week. Got in all of my workouts and then some!

On Monday I ran my Gone For A Run Live Love Run virtual race. You can catch the recap here.

Tuesday was Halloween! I loved getting to wear my favorite fall outfit to work!

I was going to run after work but traffic was ridiculous. It took me close to two hours to get home. I just went home and did some hip work. Hubs wanted to hand out candy and we dressed Dangle up for the first time!

Wednesday morning I hit the track in a wintery mix. It sucked outside but I had a good workout. Here is how it broke down.

1 mile warm up
1000m x 4 - 200m x 4 Goal 4:44 and :57
( 4:47 :54 - 4:46 :56 - 4:47 :59 - 4:50 :55)
1 minute rest in between
1 mile cool down

I programmed the workout wrong so I had to improvise and some man wanted to talk to me at 6am. I was not happy but I got it done! A little over five miles total.

Thursday after work I headed out for a tempo run. It was 30 degrees warmer than the day before. It was crazy!

Eight miles total with six miles at marathon pace - goal 9:00
(8:45 8:56 8:50 8:44 8:45 8:49)

I was a little fast but I'm really proud of myself for this. This was a great workout!

Friday and Saturday I did some strength and hip work to rest for the 10 miler on Sunday.

I will recap the 10 miler later this week, but spoiler alert I CRUSHED IT! 12.5 miles total for the day!

Weekly Total: 30.7 miles
November Total: 25.7 miles
2017 Total: 938.1 miles

Gosh this was a great week. I'm thrilled with progressing and seeing it. Plus, I am so happy I PRed the 10 miler. I can't wait to share my recap with all of you!

Also, we have reached the $500 mark in my fundraiser!! Thank you all so much for participating already but we can always raise more!! Click here to help!

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  1. Ahh, so proud of you! Congrats on the big PR at the 10 miler. All of your hard work this cycle is really paying off!

  2. Dangle's Halloween costume!!!! So cute! You are on a roll. This is a great training cycle for you with PRs to prove it. You're going to rock in your goal race!

    1. I could not get over how cute she was! She was so mad lol. Thanks so much!

  3. YOU CRUSHED EQT!!!! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!! this training cycle is so inspiring!