Monday, November 13, 2017

Disney Marathon Training - Week Ten

After the EQT 10 Miler I had an issue with blisters. Like multiple blisters. On one foot. I think I counted five. I'm really sorry for this super gross information but it really affected my training this week.

Monday and Tuesday I did strength training. Blisters were super rough and they needed to be drained. My strength has really been improving and I love it!

Wednesday I tried to run but my toes were still not good. It was actually painful to pull my socks on. I did some yoga to try and loosen up my hips. At least the views from sitting in traffic were pretty.

Thursday I sucked it up and headed out to the track. I had the same exact workout as last week. I really wanted to do well.

1 mile warm up
1000m x 4 - 200m x 4 (goals - 4:44 :57)
(4:29 :51 - 4:33 :51 - 4:39 :53 - 4:47 :54)
1 mile cool down
A little over five miles total.

Guys I was ecstatic! I have never hit my 1000m splits, let alone three of them! I cannot believe how things are coming together.

From that workout one of my blisters came back and I ended up resting on Friday to give it some time to heal.

Saturday I headed out to take on two of my Gone For A Run virtual races. I ran my Great Candy Corn 5k and Run Now Gobble Later 5k. So, I did a 10k and felt pretty good! I'll talk more about this workout later this week.

Sunday I met Gretchen and ran 12 miles. Gretchen ran nine of them with me, but by the end of the nine together I felt a blister. This sucks. It is getting really old, and I have a tough week coming up.

Later on Sunday hubs and I met a few other runners for a Friendsgiving. It was great to hang out with everyone!

Weekly Total: 23.3 Miles
November Total: 49.1 Miles
2017 Total: 961.4 Miles

I am under 40 miles to my 2017 mileage goal!! I cannot believe it is already November and I am so close to my goal! I have a super tough week coming up and need these blisters to knock it off! I also have a busy week in general so my schedule is going to be a little messed up. Gotta go with the flow!

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Blister tips anyone? I'm struggling here!


  1. Great week Steff! I hope your blister issues clear themselves up!

  2. Ugh blisters are so annoying. Can't believe you were able to run 12 miles with them (let alone that track workout!). So glad we got to hang out this weekend!!

  3. Oh no, sorry to hear about your blisters from last weekend's race :(

  4. Great job this week despite the blisters! Way to nail your track workout paces! Eeks, I'm so excited for your marathon. Your training is awesome!