Friday, November 3, 2017

Gone For A Run - Live Love Run Virtual Race Recap

After a bad attempted long run, I knew I had to brush it off and move along. I had my Gone For A Run Live Love Run virtual race to finish up and I figured there was no better time to run for a reason. 

I headed out after work with all of my reflective gear and lights to race the darkness. It was a beautiful night, high 40s and pretty clear. It was actually quite enjoyable. I completely blocked out my last run and focused on the now.

My first mile felt effortless. I used the hills and just let my body do what feels comfortable. These miles don’t need to be fast - just needed to be done.

Mile 1: 9:17

Right after I finished my first mile I start to see other runners who are not in the best lack of daylight gear. It actually made me really uncomfortable. I understand not running with a light, but at least something reflective and not dark.

Rant over.

I also saw a lady running with two dogs who were completely in stride with each other. It was so cute!!

Mile 2: 9:09

Man, I need to slow down. That became my focus in mile three. I started seeing a bunch of deer. Where I run is a county park. You cannot hunt there. These deer are smart. The more runners I see not dressed correctly, that’s another issue.

Mile 3: 9:24

Good job legs. Way to listen! The number of deer are growing at this point. I even saw an eight point! There is something super calming about seeing deer not worried about people. I also saw my first runner with a headlamp on. THANK YOU!

Mile 4: 9:39

It is at this point I remembered that this virtual race is not a five miler, but a four and totally just finished my run. I counted more deer, judged more runners and had some moments to myself. That last mile was very wonderful. Plus, it wasn’t pitch black when I finished!

Mile 5: 9:34

Total Time: 47:08 - 9:25 pace

This is why I enjoy virtual races. These not so important workouts get a reason. This reason was to get out there and focus on the little things.

Did you run this Gone For A Run virtual race? Don't forget to upload your time and recap on the page!

Disclaimer: I was provided entry in to this virtual race as part of the Gone For A Run Virtual Race Team. All opinions are my own.


  1. Well any run of the season is never ever useless and all you need is commitment to do the work. You are doing really good and I hope that it increases more.

  2. You conveyed a good message with this Live Love Run Virtual Race Recap. This activity is good of everone of us as this makes our mind fresh and healthy.I will love to join you for thos virtual race.