Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mighty Music Player Review

When I saw that the iPod shuffle was going to be discontinued I got really upset. My iPod shuffle was almost five years old and it has been through a lot. It’s probably been washed about four times and it no longer updates because the software so old. I really hate running with my phone all the time. Through social media I saw some people posting about this music player called a Mighty. I decided to give it a shot and I was happily surprised with what I found out.

First off the Mighty works with your Spotify premium. You take your playlist and you link it to the app. Everything is done through the app. We will get into the app in a little bit. The Mighty is a little bit bigger than your iPod shuffle in thickness, other than that it’s about the same size.

That button on top is how you shuffle your playlists

Within the box when you get your Mighty comes your actual Mighty and charging cord. The charging cord is the same as your iPod shuffle so even if you want a second one you still have the ability to do that. It is recommended that you charge your Mighty every night, it will connect with the app and it will update your music overnight.

So let’s go back to this app. Mighty has its own app that you use to link your Mighty and your Spotify premium. You can pick the playlist that you would like to have on your Mighty you don’t need all of them. I have a couple that I’m trying out to see if I like them while I run. This is also where you will link any Bluetooth accessories. Yes, that means you don’t have to use wired headphones anymore. You can if you want to there is an option.

Within the app it will also tell you how much space you have left on your Mighty and the battery life. When you connect your Mighty to a power source every night, the app will talk to Spotify and update any of the playlists you have. It is really cool. They also have software update so you don’t have to worry about your Mighty being out of date.

So how does it work on a run? Well so far so good for me. I ran with it through a couple races and on  pretty much any run you can imagine. I’ve never had it had a problem turning off or skipping or anything. It work just as good as my iPod shuffle. The battery life is really good I haven’t had it die or anything on me yet. There is also an option now to have it shuffle so you can pick your playlist that you’re in and then hold the button to select your playlist that you want and there can be shuffling.

I’m so happy I found the Mighty. It is really helped me be able to transition away from my dying iPod shuffle. It also gives me peace of mind knowing that I can have it and not have my phone and worry about my phone dying in the cold.

So here’s the deal. You can get your own Mighty now or you can wait until Black Friday. They are running an awesome sale we are the first 50 people order on Black Friday are gonna get 50% off. You heard me, 50% off. Don’t worry if you aren’t one of the first 50 you can still get your own Mighty on Black Friday sale for $69.99. Just follow this link and it’ll take you right there.

If you’ve been looking for something other than your iPod shuffle I cannot recommend this product enough. It even helped me get introduced to Spotify premium and now I’m hooked. I would’ve never taken the leap if it wasn’t for the Mighty.

How do you play your music on a run? Have you heard of the Mighty before? This isn't even a sponsored post. I just love this product!


  1. I don't really run with music but I like the idea of this! I've never even heard of it. My husband would probably like it for when (who am I kidding? IF. lol) he rides his spin bike. :)

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