Monday, December 18, 2017

Disney Marathon Training - Week 15

Okay, so I put the mental block behind me and was ready to head in to peak week. I can't believe it was already here. Also, when did the holidays sneak up so quickly?!

Monday I went to barre class in the morning and really focused on recovery for the day. I made sure I drank a lot of water and relaxed. It was going to be a busy week.

Tuesday we got snow. I do not run in the snow so I hit the treadmill for five easy miles. I made sure I did not turn on the fan just to get use to warmer weather running again.

Wednesday I went to barre in the morning. It still wasn't really clear so I did my tempo work on the treadmill.
1 mile warm up
2 x 3 miles at 8:36 pace.
1 mile cool down
8 miles total.

Thursday I met some of the girls out for trivia! It was a lot of fun and we even got second place! Big Tom brought the fun for sure!

I had the day off from work on Friday for some appointments and got so much done. I went to barre and then tried to do my track workout. Well, NOTHING was clear so I headed to the park and changed my track work to tempo. Six miles total including almost busting my face on some ice. That was fun.

Saturday I did nothing. Not a single thing. I didn't leave the house. I did laundry and drank a ton of water. It was amazing. I caught up on so many of my shows and relaxed.

Sunday was the day. My 20 miler. I am really lucky that I had a few friends volunteer to run some miles with me. Gretchen was running 16 so we did 15 together. Sara joined for the first five miles and Jessie came in for the next six. My last five were solo and they ended up being a little quick. My last three were at marathon pace. Oops.

Weekly Total: 39 miles
December Total: 80 miles
2017 Total: 1,105.7 miles

I'm shocked with how well this week went. That 20 might have been one of the best 20 milers I have ever done. It's taper time friends! I am so excited!

I am also excited to announce I am going to be on the 2018 PRO Compression Ambassador team! I so honored to be representing this amazing brand for the fourth year in a row!

So what it on tap for next week? Tapering and getting ready for the holidays. I have a short week of work and it makes me feel like I'm running out of time. I'm going to work on relaxing and cruising in to the weekend for sure!

How many miles do you have for December? Will you hit your 2017 goal?


  1. Great job on getting over that mental block and pushing through for a great week of training, especially that 20 miler. Welcome to the taper!

  2. Congrats on a successful 20 miler! I'm glad you were able to get over your funk. Also, thanks for the remider to drink more water!! Since I'm not running a lot right now my water consumption falls by the way side, drinking more will be my goal for the week.

  3. Yay! It's all coming together for you :) I've mostly been running outside so coming back to the TM is tough, it is just so hot. This is what happens when we register for races in hot places during our winter!