Friday, January 19, 2018

Five Things Friday - Winter Fitness

It's Friday! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and is thawing out. I am so excited things are looking slightly warmer for the weekend! This weeks Five Things Friday topic is something I truly have used through the winter months.

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I want to talk this week about different winter fitness ideas. A lot of people hibernate during the winter months, but you don't have to! Here are five ways I keep my fitness up during the cold months!

1. Treadmill - Even if it is to walk for a little bit, sometimes just feeling warm is what I really need. I have no shame in my treadmill game. Ice scares me and I hate being cold.

2. Yoga - I think yoga is the best thing to do in the winter months. Reconnecting with yourself is something that is so important, but mostly at times when you aren't the most centered. Winter is rough on a lot of people. Focusing on self care and balance is so important.

3.  Bike Trainer - I think the best purchase I have made was my bike trainer. I got it super cheap on Amazon and really embraced it. Even if I'm only able to make time for a half hour on the bike a few days a week, it is something different that my body really enjoys.

4. Resistance Bands - Guys, if you have ever worked out with resistance bands you are missing out! You can get an incredible workout by laying on the floor! From your nice warm living room you can still achieve a great strength workout!

5. Foam Rolling - This might seem strange, but focusing on rolling in the "off season" will carry with you to the higher mileage months. Rolling is so important to keeping healthy and building up fitness. Don't forget about it!

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope you can use some of these tips and apply it towards your winter training!

What are some winter fitness tip that you have? What really works for you?


  1. I bought new resistance bands in the fall and still have not used them. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. oh great that you mentioned resistance bands! I have two types but I always forget to use them or bring them to the gym with me!

    my one tip would actually be - yes it's cold, but move anyway. get outside, walk around, take the stairs, go to the mall and walk there just move. don't just sit around waiting for it to get better!

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