Thursday, February 8, 2018

No Spend February - Week One

We are through a week of February and I can say this No Spend February is off to a great start! Let's recap my last week and how my goals have gone.

1. No going out for lunch or dinner - So far so good! I had to go out for lunch one day because someone burnt something in our work kitchen. I did have some cash on me so it wasn't unaccounted for money.

2. No online shopping - CHECK!

3. No unnecessary spending - Another check! I did really good and avoid the Target impulse bin completely!

I wanted to talk about some fun things to do with your friends that don't require spending any money! These are some idea that me and my friends are going to use for this month.

1. Game night - Game nights are super easy. You don't need to buy anything because people usually have board games sitting around. Plus, it's usually a great idea for snowy nights which we have been getting a lot of!

2. Theme parties - I am hosting an Olympic Opening Ceremonies party this weekend. So easy! I bet you have some Red/White/Blue already around the house and some things you can clean out of your cabinet.

3. Pot Luck - Same concept. Clean out that cabinet and use those extra bottles of wine. It's a fun get together to have and super cost effective.

4. Movie night - Admit it, how many movies do you have at home that you have never watched? Set aside a night and really dig deep in to that collection. Maybe watch your favorite saga.

5. Explore your city - This might seem strange, but there are so many things to do in every city that doesn't cost a dime. Pittsburgh has a bunch of free events throughout the year, especially in the winter. There are free weekends at the museums, free yoga on Sundays and even free group runs to explore different parts of the city. You just have to look!

I'm thrilled with how well my first week has gone. I have really made myself more aware of my spending and forming new habits. I unsubscribed from a bunch of websites so I am not tempted by the sales and races that I know I won't be running again. It's quite freeing.

How has your No Spend February been going? What are some No Spend ideas that you like to use?


  1. I so needed this post this morning. New Oiselle dropped. I filled my cart up but just couldn't pull the trigger. You post saved me!

  2. Yes!! So glad to help! That will power is tough thing to hang on to but I believe it you!!

  3. I read this and I think I failed all 3 ways to fail in weekend 1.....