Thursday, February 15, 2018

No Spend February - Week Two

Two weeks in to my no spend month. It doesn't feel as hard anymore. I think the adjustment period was the hardest part. Here is how I'm doing on my no spend goals.

1. No going out for lunch or dinner - Check! This will end as we are going out for dinner tonight with some friends. Hey, first time eating out in two weeks. I'll take it!

2. No online shopping - Check!

3. No unnecessary spending - Check! I ran out of vitamins and actually felt bad for buying them! Like debated about waiting until March to get them. Then I remembered it is still flu season and it wouldn't be considered unnecessary at this point.

Something I have been doing this month is make a list of this I absolutely need to spend money on. I think it has really helped me focus for the next few months. For example, I know I need a hair cut. I also know I have a few races to register for. I have a few trips coming up but I need to focus and not mess up what I have started.

Having the Olympics on right now has really helped. I want to be home and watching as much as I can. It has kept me from going out and wandering around the mall or searching the internet for deals.

One thing I do want to accomplish in the next week is going through my clothes and seeing what I can donate. We have a table in our basement that we use to fold on and it has kinda been over taken by some clothes we haven't worn is awhile. Use this time to do some good!

How is your no spend month going? What did you accomplish this week?


  1. I love the idea of a no spend month! It sounds so hard, but I've been working on cutting back on my expenses as well. The Olympics are definitely a good motivator to stay home. I will be following along to see how the rest of your month shapes up, you definitely have me curious!

  2. Nice work Steff! I've been trying to watch my spending better this year too. I get hung up on necessary vs unnecessary. Vitamins are a great example! I'm starting to ramp up my running a little after hardly running at all last year and I have a number of things that I NEED to replace or restock. I'm having a hard time spending the money on them though!