Friday, February 23, 2018

Packing Your Spring Running Bag

Spring is a really weird season for us in the Northeast. It can be snowing one day and the next 90 degrees. If you are like me, you will take clothes with you to run after work. BUT if you are packing those clothes in the morning, it might be completely different by the time you actually get out to run. It could be colder or warmer than you were expecting. How can you be ready for that?

For the past few years I have been packing a "spring running bag" in my car. It is pretty much an emergency bag of extra clothes so I have no excuse to not get my workout in. Admit it, you have been in the position to skip a workout because you don't have the right stuff.

I always tell my friends about this bag and they love it, so why not share all of this with you guys!

Let's start with some basics.

Everyone has a pair of running shoes that aren't quite dead yet, but you don't wear them a lot anymore. Those are the shoes I keep in my running bag. This way I always have shoes with me. Trust me, I'm pretty forgetful and I have had to skip a workout because I forgot shoes.

I keep my safety gear in this bag as well. Even though there is starting to be more daylight, it could get cloudy fast and it isn't hard to keep some reflective gear on you.

I keep a spare Sparkly Soul headband in my car at all times. There is actually one in my center console as well. Not pictured is a pair of sunglasses that is always in my car as well. I also keep those crappy Iphone headphones in my bag.

When it comes to clothes, I have an old race shirt, a long sleeve and a pair of shorts. I often will keep a pair of capri's in my bag, but since I have been packing long pants, I'll stick with the shorts for the emergency bag.

I also keep an extra pair of PRO Compression socks in my car. I wear the no-show PRO's to work normally so if it gets too warm I can wear those to run, but if it's a little chilly, I can throw on my spare socks and be comfy.

Also, I keep sunscreen and some extra gels in the bag as well. The weather could be perfect and you might be running for longer. It is so easy to keep those things in the bag and use as needed.

I hope my spring running bag will help inspire you to pack your own. We are getting in to the peak training season for spring races. There is no need to make excuses!

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Do you pack an emergency running bag? What is in yours?

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