Monday, February 19, 2018

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training - Week Two

This week my focus was to add another day of running in to my week. I've been running twice a week for the past few weeks, but I know that I have to add a few more days in. I have really been focusing on slowly coming back from the marathon, but enough is enough and I had to just do it.

I didn't run until Tuesday. I wanted to do some sort of speed workout. I got on the treadmill and ran five miles with six 400s at HMP. Since I think I'll be aiming around an 8:30 pace for my goal pace at some point this year, that is what I went with. It felt so good. My breathing felt good, my legs were clicking. Very excited with how it went.

Wednesday I went to barre, which is becoming my routine. I am starting my travel schedule soon and Wednesdays are the best day for me to get to class. Even if it's only once a week, I have tried to do some other balance/core work at home. I think it's a great option for me.

Thursday We got some crazy rain here and my basement flooded. This happens often, but it was pretty rough this time. Threw a wrench in some plans for Thursday and Friday since we still weren't dry.

Saturday I met Gretchen, Jessie and Maddie for the long run. Maddie was running 17 so Gretchen and I took on 12. Jessie ran 10. It was a really good run. I was happy to run 12. Plus, the miles flew by with these ladies!

Sunday I met Carrie at barre in the morning and then went to run. Since I lost a day with the flood, I really wanted to hit my goal of three days of running. In talking to myself, I wanted to have a day where I could just let myself go. See what my body could do right now. Well, what better day than the day after a 12 miler AND a barre class.

I ran five miles and averaged an 8:21 pace. WHAT ON EARTH JUST HAPPENED?! I can't tell you what a confidence booster that run was. I have had some goals for Rock 'n' Roll DC, but I wasn't sure I could reach them. After that, and how good I felt, I think I'm on the right track!

Weekly Total: 22 miles
February Total: 43.6 miles
2018 Total: 94.8 miles

Kristen has finished my training plan for Pittsburgh and it's starting to get real. I love working with her and I'm glad we are working together again. It's just nice to have someone, who isn't me, make a plan. I don't know about you!

I have been a super scatter brain recently. I have noticed that getting back in to a running routine has really helped with my memory. I have been messing up dates really bad and losing things.

If you are thinking about registering for the Pittsburgh Marathon/Half Marathon/Relay use promo code RUBELDSGPM18 for $10 off your registration. Hurry! The code is only good until March 31!

Half way through February, how is your training going?


  1. I've been sharing your discount code all over the place! I hope we can meet in person in Pittsburgh. It will be here before we know it!

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