Monday, February 26, 2018

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training - Week Three

Like Eminem would say, "Guess who's back. Back again." This past week was my first actual week of training since the marathon in January. Full training plan with actual workouts and paces. I cannot even begin to tell you guys how great it felt.

Monday I went to barre class. I am going to be starting ClassPass because I will be traveling a bunch here coming up. With picking up the training and travel I cannot put in that kind of money to only be going to class once a week. ClassPass is a great option for me. I can try different classes and get different workouts. Plus, you can use my referral link (above) to get your first 20 credits for free! Why not!

Tuesday the weather was beautiful! We have been dealing with a lot of rain so I had to take advantage of the opening when I could. I ran three hilly miles and felt fantastic.

Wednesday I took a rest day. I just needed a day to sit and do nothing. Balance people!

Thursday I took to the neighborhood again after work. I wanted to do three miles but I encountered a group of turkey and did not feel like getting chased. So, I ran two miles.

Friday I had a time trail. Kristen and I needed to figure out where I am at for my different training paces. So, I did a warm up mile, two miles as fast as I could and a mile cool down. Well, my two miles were a 7:34 and 7:43. I had hope to be a little more consistent, but I am still happy to have this starting point.

Saturday was a rest day but I got to hang out with some of my running friends! It was so much fun getting dressed up and hanging out.

Sunday was my long run. What I love about half marathon training is that my long run was six miles! It was a gloomy Pittsburgh morning but I got it done! It was a great pace and I really enjoyed it.

Weekly Total: 15 miles
February Total: 58.6 miles
2018 Total: 109.8 miles

It was a really great week of training. Getting back in to a routine is so great. I cannot even describe how great it is. Rock 'n' Roll DC is in two weeks and I'm really excited to just give this a shot again. I haven't ran a half marathon since July. This should be fun.

If you are still looking to register for any of the Pittsburgh Marathon Sunday races (Marathon/Half Marathon/Relay) use promo code RUBELDSGPM18 for $10 off! Code expired March 31!

What wildlife have you seen on your run recently?

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