Thursday, April 26, 2018

Executing the Flat Runner

One of my favorite things about a race weekend is seeing the excitement people have. Social media is such a fun place to be. One thing that I really enjoy is seeing is the flat runner posts. To non-runners seeing these posts, they can be quite confusing. For runners, it not only can help people spot you and cheer you on, it is also helpful to making sure you have everything you need for race day.

If this is your first race where you are attempting a flat runner post, let me help!

I set out my Flat Steff the day before a big race. Pretty much when I get home from the expo so I can make sure I have everything I need. The first thing I do is make sure my electronics are charged. My Mighty is the first thing and then my watch. Critical step!

Usually I will have my outfit picked out about a week a head of time and I set it aside in my room. This include my Sparkly Soul headband, ProCompression socks, top, shorts and shoes. I can tell you with confidence I already have my outfit for the half marathon picked out.

I then will get my fueling set up. For a half marathon I will carry four gels and two salt pills. I might only photograph one gel, but trust me I have more. My sunglasses are now a staple of my Flat Steff.

So once you have everything out, get to a place in your house where you can take a great photo. I usually use my kitchen floor, but I have been getting a weird shadow. My carpet has worked quite well for me recently. Make sure you can get a great angle for your photo. I am not above standing on a chair to get everything in my photo.

Once you get the perfect photo, go to the internet and share with the world! Make sure you tag the brands you are supporting. Try to use a few hashtags to connect with others! For Pittsburgh Marathon weekend you can use hashtags like #RunPGH or #PGHMarathon. You never know who you might see in the starting corrals!

Above all, HAVE FUN! As I've said before, the internet can be an awesome place as a runner. Why not have all around fun? Plus, if you can virtually shop in the process why not!

If you are going to be around 5k morning, make sure you stop by the We Run Social meet up! Myself and some of the other ProCompression Ambassadors will be there happy to meet everyone and take all the selfies! I love these meet ups, and you will be able to find me by the Flat Steff I will post next Friday!

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  1. Have an awesome race weekend! I will miss you guys SO MUCH this year.