Monday, April 2, 2018

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training - Week Seven

So much happened in the last week! I knew it was going to be a higher mileage week for me but I was ready. I also know my body really well. To be able to pull off a higher mileage week I needed to adjust my training. It's all about finding what is best for you.

Monday I went to interval class and got my butt kicked. It was my first day at work with my glasses and I felt terrible. I'm still glad I went but it was rough. When I got home I had a super sweet surprise from the Pittsburgh Marathon, Dick's Sporting Goods and Brooks Running. I got the Pittsburgh Marathon edition of the Brooks Launch 5! Way better design than last year and the shoe itself is a great update from the year before. While I won't be running in them, they are a great everyday shoe for me!

Tuesday was fun. First of all, thank you to everyone who texted, tweeted, insta-tagged me about the Saucony Kinvara special edition. I was lucky enough to snag a pair! They should be here soon!! Since I run in the Kinvara I did not see a reason to miss out on two of my favorite things.

I also did a progression four miler on the treadmill after work. It felt really good. I am really starting to feel like myself again.

After my run I headed over to meet some of my friends to celebrate Jessie's birthday! It was so much fun! The laughs were so needed.

Wednesday I went back to interval class and it was leg day. Boy, did I feel that for sure! It has been really nice to have the ClassPass and get to enjoy these classes. I have a ton of credits right now so I have no problem visiting the same studio multiple times in a month!

Thursday was a truly incredible day. I went with Carrie and her family to the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and we were able to provide lunch to some of the staff and families in cardiac ICU that day. We got to talk to some of the families, meet Carrie's nurses and surgeon and just experience what this amazing place does for people. I am so grateful for everything Children's has done for Carrie, so getting to give back for a little bit was truly amazing. It really put fundraising for Children's in to perspective.

When I got home I ran a couple miles just to shake out my legs. I just ran with a smile on my face. It was a great day.

Friday I was sore, it was snowing and windy and Jessie wanted to go run. Alright, let's do it. Well folks, lesson learned. Don't ever let Jessie pick a route she has only ever driven. We did hills on hills on hills in some sort of windy wintry mix. While we hit some pretty solid paces, the beginning was ROUGH! We ran a little over eight miles and had some fun when it was all said and done.

Saturday was Just A Short Run. My 26th half marathon. Now I'm not going to do a recap on this race because I didn't race. It was a long run for me. Maddie and I will be running Cleveland together as she tackles her first full. We had a great time. Gretchen even joined us for some miles as well! With warm up and add on, I ran 15 miles.

Weekly Total: 28.9 miles
March Total: 87.1 miles
2018 Total: 201.4 miles

March was really a breakthrough month for me. I have really been focusing on finding a balance between work, running, cross training and a social life. I would say I have done a pretty good job. We are also leaving for vacation on Thursday so this weeks training will be a little different.

Only five weeks to go!

How many miles did you run in March? Have you ever done a race as a training run?


  1. I am sooooo jealous you got the Dunkin shoes!!!! I really love that you're workingto find a balance with things. I didn't realize until I was sick last year and couldn't run just how many things I was missing out on because running was taking up all my time.

  2. Love your blog! I don't know why I'm only discovering it now. It seems like I've run in just about all the same races as you (minus the Orlando one, of course). I'm currently training for the half as well. March was my breakthough too! I only ran a total of 116 miles in January/February, but was able to get 111 miles in during March. I feel like I'm ready for May 6, just hope I can finish strong down the homestretch!

    I have used one race as a training run, although it felt odd. It was a double loop race so since I was only going at training pace, it was weird getting lapped by the leaders! But you just have to remind/discipline yourself, "You're only training, you're not racing!"

    My next goal is to figure out how to log in here with an ID instead of as the lame Anonymous :P