Monday, April 16, 2018

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training - Week 10?

I lost a week of training so I think this is week 10. I didn't lose a week due to injury, I checked a major item off my bucket list. I went to Wrestlemania in New Orleans! It was an amazing experience that I cannot recommend enough. I still can't believe I was there.

We got back on Tuesday and I knew it was time to buckle down. We are getting really close to race day!

Wednesday the weather was finally nice so I ran five miles after work. I can't say it felt good, but I did it. Hey, have to start back somewhere!

Thursday Jessie and I went to 3 Minute Fitness before trivia. We sucked at trivia but had a really great workout. I'm really thankful for my ClassPass to have the flexibility to take advantage of classes when they fit in my schedule.

Friday I went out to run again after work. When I parked I noticed Carrie was right behind me! We ran five miles together and had a blast. My eyes watered so hard because my allergies are flaring up. We saw a ton of dogs and sweated so hard. It was a lot of fun!

Saturday I went with Jessie and Gretchen to the ProBike and Run Pittsburgh Marathon course preview run. It wasn't exactly the course and we didn't follow the route for the changes in the course so it really was just nice to get 11.6 miles in with friends.

Carrie and I went to barre Sunday morning and we were going to run but my allergies did not like all of the head up and down movement from barre. She ran, I went home to try to breathe. Even so, I had a pretty good training week!

Weekly Total: 21.6 miles
April Total: 26.7 miles
2018 Total: 228.1 miles

Next week is my peak week. I have already figured out what days my runs will be according to weather. I also booked my cross training classes as well. I am ready to give this week all I have!


  1. Nice work Steff! I'm a zombie when I come back from vacation. I'm glad you were able to put a good week together. I wish I had class pass here in Altoona. I checked it out and nothing is available here =(

    1. I wish everyone had it! It’s such a great thing. The zombie level was so real but the race doesn’t care!