Monday, April 23, 2018

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training - Week 11

I'm getting to the point in training where I'm just tired. Plus, the weather has been awful. It is cold and snowing for two days then sunny and 60 degrees. I have been trying to play everything by ear. We are two weeks from the race and I still can't believe it is the end of April.

Monday and Tuesday the weather was terrible so I decided to do cross training so I didn't have to bundle up.

Wednesday the weather was back to normal so I thought it would be a great to try a longer speed workout. I did four minutes fast and one minute recovery for five miles. Woof. That was rough but I feel better for doing it.

Thursday hubs and I had some running around to do so I took a rest day. My hip had been a little wonky so the rest was not a terrible idea.

Friday I ran five recovery miles but the highlight of the run was getting to pet a dog! Just a fair warning, if you see me running and you have a dog, I will ask to pet it!

Saturday I  met Gretchen and Jessie to run. The best part about running with friends is when they say, "hey, I'm cutting this run short" it's alright! We ran 7.5 miles at pretty even paces. Then the rest of the day was spent exploring a new brewery and just having a lot of fun!

Sunday I ran some recovery miles again just to keep the legs loose. I am traveling for work Monday and Tuesday and needed to make sure everything is left in a good place.

Weekly Total: 19.1 miles
April Total: 45.8 miles
2018 Total: 247.2 miles

Like I said, I'm traveling for work Monday-Tuesday then a group of us are heading to Canton for the Hall of Fame Half on Sunday. Yes folks, I'm running a half the week before the Pittsburgh weekend. It's alright. Canton is all for fun!

Also, as a note, Tunes Tuesday has been retired. As much as Kimberly, Janelle and myself love the concept, the time it takes to put on a great link up is not available at this point. We truly want to thank everyone for joining us. We had a lot of fun!


  1. I'm so OVER this weather! Now watch we'll have 80 degrees and sunny for the race. I'm glad you were able to dodge the rain drops and snowflakes for some miles this week. Have a great trip and hopefully see you in two weeks!!!

    1. Yes! We must meet up! At this point I will take the 80s over the snow!