Friday, May 4, 2018

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Race Goals

I can't believe I'm writing this post. I can't believe it's May. I can't believe it's race week. I feel so unprepared. Running has been weird for me since the marathon. I truly had my heart broken and my mentality tested. I have never cried so hard in my adult life after Disney. I was burnt out, bad. I believe if I wasn't signed up for DC in March I would have taken way longer than a month off.

Let's be real for a little bit more. I think I was injured going in to the marathon. My hip was really bothering me and I did everything I could to make it better. Stretching, barre, strength - the list goes one. Nothing helped. I'm glad I took the time to rest as long as I did.

So let's go back to Rock 'n' Roll DC. I was training really well. I eased myself back in to training and even got on the track a little bit. I had two ideas of how the race would go, I would hit my A goal of 1:55 or I wouldn't. It was that straight forward. I didn't want to stress out about it, since this is a rebuilding relationship at this point.

What happens, I nailed a 1:55 on a super tough course.

After that, winter stayed around for way too long and I couldn't deal with it. Sure, I would go out and get my long run done, but my speed work really took a hit. I did focus a lot on cross training and my body has felt really good.

I ran two more half marathons, but none for time. Just A Short Run was to run with Maddie like we will in Cleveland for her first marathon. Last week we all ran the Hall Of Fame Half Marathon in Canton for fun and snagged Maddie a new PR!

My mileage has been down, but my long run paces have been spot on and have felt easy. I just have no idea what to think. I feel like I should be stressing out more for being totally unprepared to "race" but to be honest, I'm not. So much has happened in the past year that it really puts all of this in perspective. Yes, I love running. I love the people and the place I can go, but I cannot love something so much that it crushed me when I put in all of the hard work.

In any case, here we are. It is a few days before the Pittsburgh Half Marathon and I am ready, I guess. I will be heading to the expo Friday after work. Then Carrie and I will be running the 5k together. We will also be at the We Run Social meet up and hope to see you all there.

If you would have asked me two weeks ago what my goals were for the half marathon, I would have a totally different answer for you. I'm not feeling it. I don't feel like I'm in the shape I should be, or could be. My body feels fine, but it's a me thing. In any case, here are my goals.

A Goal: Sub 1:55
B Goal: Sub 1:57 (my current course PR)
C Goal: Sub-2

With my long run paces, Sub-2 should be manageable. To be honest, if at mile 10 it starts pouring, which is a strong possibility, I have no problem phoning it in. I want to take in the experience. Sort of like last year. I want to take in the crowds, feel off of the energy. It is the 10 year anniversary for the race that brought me back to running. How can I not give it my all?

I invite you all to follow along with this weekend on my social media channels. Instagram will have the most fun updates (if you misses last weekend then shame on you!), but Twitter will have some too! Good luck to everyone running. If you see me, SAY HELLO!


  1. You are an amazing runner and my thought is you shouldn't give up on your marathons. I mean, yes, take some time off for sure. I know what it is to be crushed by a race when you trained hard and didn't hit your goal time. But so many people that weekend were crushed...the weather hit everyone super hard. It's not easy training and racing in our sucky weather...believe me. I think you can do it- I think you can do whatever you set your mind to. Look at me...I came from Florida and I crushed my half PR on a super tough course (for me!) If I can do it you can girl. <3

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