Monday, July 30, 2018

Buffalo Creek Half Marathon Training - Week Three

So sorry for no update last week, it was a little crazy! I'll have my Rock 'n' Roll Chicago race recap up soon. Spoiler alert, it rained!

This week was my last base building week. I knew I had a tough tempo workout on tap, but I think i did pretty well!

Five miles, easy

A little over five miles, easy

Tempo: 2 mile warm up, 10 minutes at 8:00 pace (8:05),
5 minute recovery, 10 minutes at 8:00 pace (8:05), 1 mile cool down

Eight miles, long run
I went to the gym twice this week as well. This routine is really starting to sink in. I love that feeling. I have been getting stronger with each workout and really getting in to a good head space. My workouts will be changing a little in the next few weeks because I'm shifting in to full on training.

We are three weeks away from our puppy joining our family! We got our weekly video of the litter and it's so precious! I can't believe we are adding a puppy to our family. It's becoming very real as we add things to our house.

August is almost here. I can't believe it. It honestly feels like it was just the 4th. I really want to make sure I am taking advantage of summer things while they are still here. Things like more daylight and spending time outside.

Weekly Total: 24 miles
July Total: 94.7 miles
2018 Total: 527.2 miles

What is your favorite part of your weekly routine? What works best for you?


  1. I wonder how this week went!
    How's the workout going?
    I hope that routine ended up working!