Friday, July 13, 2018

Thumbs Up...

When I was running yesterday I had something happen that really made me think. I was running some easy paced miles and a man was running in the other direction. He was running shirtless and I was in a sports bra. He gave me a thumbs up and I gave a nod.

I literally spent the next three miles thinking about this. Was he checking me out? Was this just his normal runner acknowledgment? Was he just agreeing with my outfit of choice? Why am I thinking so much about this?!

For the past few years I have really be focusing on being comfortable in my own skin. It's hard, but when you train in the summer, less is more and you cannot worry about letting it all hang out. I know I am not built the way I use to be. I put on some weight from the medication I was on last year and a general love of beer and pizza. Nothing drastic, all of my clothes still fit, but enough for me to notice.

Even at my smallest I never had a six pack. My thighs have always touched, even when I was under 100 pounds. I've always been self conscious, but when I'm running I don't think about any of that. It is one of the few times I am completely comfortable in my own skin.

That's the great thing about running. Running doesn't care if you like beer or drink a green drink every day. Running won't give you strange looks if you are wearing less or more clothes than everyone else. Running really just appreciates you taking the time for yourself and being the best version of you.

There comes a time in your life where you have to love yourself and your journey. If you are doing something everyday that you love and enjoy then you truly are lucky. You need to focus on those moments and not a small think like not being "beach body ready" or "not as fast as everyone else". Be excited that you maybe went that extra distance or you answered all of your emails. Those are some pretty great accomplishments.

So thank you guy for the thumbs up. I appreciate the support. 

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